Monday, November 12, 2012

I just finished reading Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon.  If you are wondering what these could be, pick this book up right away at the public library.  And, advice worth considering from the text tells you to study, hang around, observe, try to copy the art you love......all for the reason of "getting behind the thinking" of it.  From there, you can take what you discovered and weave it into your own creative process.

By the way, Austin added this tip:
      Write what you know (cross out know).
             Instead, write what you love.

Enough trying out this blog for today.  Enjoy Austin's book.
November....  a time to soak up the outdoor changes and a time to tuck away summer's delights.
Looking at the bare branches outside my window reminds me of the concept of structure, a fundamental element of story-making.  Today, is a story-making day.

Now that most of the leaves have fallen, I have a chance to observe with new eyes the structure and the form that supports and gives rise to to the intricacies and sheer beauty of summer.  One does not have to wonder long to figure out what connection natural structures have to their world.  Surely, nothing exists in isolation and everything is integral to the life that surrounds it.  Down underground,  roots wait for their time to feed a new chapter.

When I sit down to turn an inspiration into a coherent piece of writing, I know that I must consider structure and along with it, audience.  When these are in place,  my story can then take form, breath, and unfold.  I give a conscious effort to build a structure that will allow me to develop ideas on a firm and reassuring foothold.  That foothold includes a main trunk and connections for branches with a foundation firmly rooted not only in inspiration, but thought and often significant research.

Today, I am returning to "Grandmother's Dolls", a story waiting to see print.  My audience wants an addendum.  Writing a final note is like putting out a thrust of new growth at summer's end.  I need to anchor this on the strength of what has come before.  I need to look below, and I need to stretch.  What is it that has fueled my story,  and what is it that will give readers the chance to carry these ideas into the season's ahead?  The very air out there, the audience, is waiting to engage.  So, I am off to write...for today is a story-making day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Link to Rae McDonald: official author website.
Sweet summer mornings...a fresh day and my head is buzzing with story ideas.   Working on a would a doll be left behind?  Let's see where this takes me today.  Brainstorm time!