Friday, June 29, 2018

Gran, Gran, Granny 
Meet Granny
July 2018
Clear Fork Publishing

Books take time, but in "tree years", not so much.
Thanks for your patience, Granny!
I am eager for the world to meet you in my new book.

      Party today, far away ... Sam finds a great deal to sing about as he echoes "the chat" on the way to visit a majestic forest friend. Lizzie tells this moment-in-time story as she, two brothers, and her parents hike up a well-worn trail to visit one grand old Douglas fir tree known as Granny. The forest is aflame with fall color and the path is carpeted with fall leaf confetti on the day following a fierce and worrisome storm. Lace up your hiking boots, get set to catch a swirling leaf, and head up the path to celebrate a very grand old tree.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Indie Bookstores
Shops That Make Our Heart Sing

I tripped across a link to finding all the Indie Bookstores near you, and I can't wait to pass this along.
Click below and off you go.
Cheers and happy reading.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Dabbling Duck: The Northern Shoveler

A morning walk discovery at a nearby wetland...

What a treat it was to spy an unusual migratory duck in my neighborhood.
Their mysterious behavior caught my eye.
These beauties were spinning in circles while keeping their head in the water.
Was this a duck game? I had to find out more.

Here is what I learned:

The Northern Shoveler is a migrating duck with the curious behavior of swimming in circles. This clue alone led me to identify their species. A give-away clue was their unusual behaving of going round and round. As they "pinwheel" about, they stir up and sift food with an large and extraordinary spoon-shaped bill.

Those "pinwheels" remind my of my work as an author.
We, too, go about the work of sifting ideas for stories.
And, authors dig deep, and indeed, we do shovel.

Maybe this feeling I sometimes have of going in circles is not such a bad thing.
Thank you, Northern Shoveler! 
Again, nature gives us the gift of reflection and learning.

Photo captured March 8, 2018 at local wetland pond.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Shhhhhh....the sweet season of Valentine's Day is here again.

         I have been thinking about Valentine's Day for some time now. Actually, it is never far from my heart. This day is all about love and caring. What could be better?  I have cut a new paper silhouette to turn into this year's Valentine's day cards.  Here they are in process.

I have been playing around with my printer and some fun papers, and 
I can't wait to seal them in envelopes to my family and friends. 
Now... I am thinking about writing a story that would 
be fun to share with children... hmmm... off
to the studio I go.

Just in case you need a list of Valentine's Day Stories, here are some of my favorites to read.

It's Valentines Day by Jack Prelutsky

Heart to Heart by George Shannon

The Valentine Bears by Eve Bunting

Emma and Kate by Patricia Polacco
This is not a Valentine but just as sweet.
Sharing and friendship are the best!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Finding Oregon's Tallest Trees Gets Help From Technology. TV/ OPB

Tag along to find out how champion tall Douglas Fir Trees are located and measured in the rugged western Oregon forests.