Friday, June 29, 2018

Gran, Gran, Granny 
Meet Granny
July 2018
Clear Fork Publishing

Books take time, but in "tree years", not so much.
Thanks for your patience, Granny!
I am eager for the world to meet you in my new book.

      Party today, far away ... Sam finds a great deal to sing about as he echoes "the chat" on the way to visit a majestic forest friend. Lizzie tells this moment-in-time story as she, two brothers, and her parents hike up a well-worn trail to visit one grand old Douglas fir tree known as Granny. The forest is aflame with fall color and the path is carpeted with fall leaf confetti on the day following a fierce and worrisome storm. Lace up your hiking boots, get set to catch a swirling leaf, and head up the path to celebrate a very grand old tree.

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