Friday, August 1, 2014

 Color, marvelous peachy color on August 1st! 

       Exploring the garden every morning is like turning the page of a magical mystery.  What is waiting around the next leaf or garden aisle?

       As readers, we want surprises that transfix us, just like the garden does for me.  Today, there was an explosion of color in the radish bed, and the peach leaves were hiding clues to something sweet.  I hope I have collected enough garden energy to fire my verve for the day.  It is hard to leave the garden!  It is so interactive...just like a reader reaching for the next "choose me" read!

      Today, I am striving to come up with story as juicy as these peaches and as zippy and crunchy as my rosy radishes!   I want a reader to bite in and love every morsel!  And, as always, the best day is a creative day!  Time to dig in!

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