Friday, July 29, 2016

Ideas found and one more reason I need an agent!

Some days a simple walk with the dog presents an idea that grabs onto my creative brain and refuses to leave. I'd love to chat with this sign bearing character in the world of stories.  Signs ... I need to paint one for myself:  Children's Book Agent Needed - Inquire Within.

The world is surely my "possibility place".  Everyday, I my brain is set on "wide open" collecting story snippets and ideas much like a baleen whale sifts the sea for savory delights.  My collection of story possibilities is overflowing. Thank you world!

And, as a matter of fact, my file of stories waiting for their chance of publication is reaching epic proportions.  I need an agent! I still feel like I am playing the lottery in the challenge of agent quest even after hours of reading bios, interviews, tracking agented titles, and targeting my submissions.

Dear Agent,
Wherever you are out there...I would love to find you, just as I found this tree in this wonderful sea of life.  Maybe you could wear a sign for me too: Children's Book Author Needed - Inquire Within.

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