Sunday, June 11, 2017

New Picture Book 2018

Oh my gosh... It is raining picture books!

Another book is under construction!

Illustrated by Angela Powell
Clear Fork Media

            Meet Wicky, an energetic Flicker, who is cleared for flight and ready to make a beeline right into the minds of young readers. Much to the dismay of his Brother and Sis, Wicky’s enthusiasm creates havoc as the family sets out in search of a bigger nest home in the distant meadow. 
      Wicky practices his best flicker flight, a cuh, cuh, cool flap-flap glide, as he slides alongside a butterfly, hovers with a dragonfly and comes dangerously close to a feline streak in the fence line brambles. While coming to his rescue, Mama’s wing catches a wire, and she plunges down into the vines. “Hurt,” says Mama in a weakened voice.
      Now, Wicky, Brother, and Sis must work together to care for Mama. Turns are taken to gather cheeks chock-full of ants. But, it is Wicky who brings the most healing treats to his Mama, a daily puzzle of I spy clues. These clues, along with Wicky’s exuberant guidance, hurry Mama’s recovery. Soon she is ready to travel and eager to solve Wicky’s I spy puzzle. This high-spirited adventure is rich with humor, mystery, and enduring family love.

      The story of Wicky and Mama’s hurt wing emerged as I recovered from my own broken shoulder, which affectionately became know as my “broken wing”. Like Wicky, my recovery was hastened due to the same exuberant care of my family. Daily, they brought me reports of the wonderful outside world. Wicky is the embodiment of that “zest for life” that is so essential to survival right alongside crunchy ants, that is, if you are a flicker.


  1. I caught a sneak peek at Angie Powell's illustrations and they are so full of spunk for our clever Wicky.

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